Illustrations by Sam Vanallemeersch
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Sam Brownback’s republican experiment / Client: The New Republic

Public Space / Client: Cathedral Group

Looking for the Monopole / Client: New Scientist

'Someone at the library asked to take out The Empire Strikes Back admitting he had not seen Star Wars. What to do?' / Client: Entertainment Weekly

Google Doodle Belgian National Day / Client: Google

Sneaking Food into the Movies / Client: Entertainment Weekly

End Paper / Werchter, Rock since 1975 / Client: Manteau

Festival park / Werchter, Rock since 1975 / Client: Manteau

Group riders and Spinal Tap moments / Werchter, Rock since 1975 / Client: Manteau

Cover Eco Section / Client: De Morgen

The Dazzle by Robert Hudson / Client: Random House 

Cover Pazette / Client: Pazuzu Illustration Agency

Brave New World / Nobrow 7 / Client: Nobrow

Brave New World Process / Nobrow 7 / Client: Nobrow

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